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Experiences AnyósPark Mountain in Andorra

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Enjoy our selection of proposals for AnyósPark Mountain

The best experiences in Andorra

Training center

Our fitness centre offers avant-garde equipment by Technogym, a world-leading brand. This includes: systems connected to the internet with TV and entertainment control. You will also enjoy assistance from our qualified fitness personnel.
For those who seek more, we also offer an exclusive room dedicated to personal training.

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Anyóspark Club

Our sports facilities can be found in the sports Club at AnyósPark where we guarantee you will be able to keep up with your routine and meet your goals in the most efficient, organised and fun way.

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Personal trainings

The AnyósPark Club is where you will meet the best sports professionals that possess mountains of knowledge about what is best for your health and wellbeing. Here, there are more than 30 experienced trainers who are qualified in helping you reach your objectives, achieve peak performance and treat injuries.
You ...

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Tennis, paddle and squash

Our Club offers different kinds of racket sports, including: squash, paddle tennis, tennis and ping-pong. We recommend playing with our specialists although you can also play with friends and family.

1 indoor tennis court, artificial grass
4 paddle tennis courts (indoor/outdoor)
3 squash courts
2 ping-pong tables

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Technical-Sport studios

The technical studios feature private areas for specialised classes, such as: ● Yoga ● Pilates ●TRX ●Zumba.

Technical sports studios at AnyósPark:

● Indoor cycling: The combination of our professional team and the sophisticated technology of Spivi da forms a unique experience, stimulating outdoor training via the computer screen, where ...

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Guided Fitness classes

Are you interested in maintaining and improving your physical fitness with modern techniques, in addition to our large team of professionals? AnyósPark offers more than 80 hours a week of guided fitness classes, such as: cycling, aquagym, TRX, pilates and yoga… Here you will find the Club website where you ...

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